Why Architect?

My journey in architecture started with a

childhood dream. We lived in Bombay in front of the beach at Versova and

every morning on waking up I would greet my friend, the sea. So familiar had I become

with the different ‘sounds of the sea’, that I would gauge its mood depending on the pitch and  frequency

of the waves. Many a times, I would find my friend laughing, at times exuberant, sometimes simply pensive and thoughtful.

The horizon remained an ever-present mystery. One unwavering desire was to swim to the end of the horizon to see what  lies beyond it.

Kshitij ke uss paar…

I would stand on the promenade on a moonlit night and see a black shimmering void on one side

and a bustling world on the other. How did that happen ? The idea of being able to create

a world out of a void, create space where there was only sound, fascinated

me like no other.

It led me to becoming an architect.


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